Where do the components go on the ipad?

Morning! Another basic user error question.

I’ve been practicing some more. Thank you for all your advice so far.

My newest question comes while I am learning the ins and outs of groups and components. I am on the iPad version (still loving it). Attached is a model of a Uline storage rack Uline Racking.skp (336.7 KB)
that I am building, the one with materials was built from individual geometry before and now I’m redoing it on the right using groups and components.

Disclaimer: I am of the belief that I am not yet using these features correctly. No delusions here.

Each time I get to a place where I realize that I want to make drastic changes to a component for whatever reason I explode it and change it, etc. I have been diligently naming these components each time it asks me to, but one time I exploded the flat piece (grate), changed it and then tried to make it a component again, named ‘grate’ only to be informed that ‘grate’ already existed. I realized then that even though I exploded it, it didn’t go away… ‘grate’ is still there somewhere.

Finally the question: Where are these components being stored? Is there a list or menu to grab them from? What happens to them when I ungroup them? Are they still components? when I save the model and it purges unused elements, does it purge component labels of exploded geometry? Is ‘re-componenting’ necessary?

I guess there’s also a secondary question involved. Does exploding even have anything to do with components, and if not, how much editing can be done to a ‘group’ that will become a part of an existing component?

**my basic assumptions about components **
~ they are like groups, only if I make a copy and change something, every copy also changes
~ they have to be grouped to be a component? If I ungroup them the component dissolves? But apparently not because of the name being ‘in use’
~ IPad is storing them…. Somewhere…. Assumedly for another version of the software, I.e…. I go to look at it on pro and there’s a menu there, just not for me.
~ i should be using groups to completely finish a building block and ONLY then make it a component?

Advice, links to other topics that have already explained this, anything and everything appreciated!

This may help: Groups vs Components
Google search: More on the topic.

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That is helpful! But it also confirms for me that there is a secondary level I’m having trouble finding.

Where is this menu in the iPad?

I don’t have an iPad as you know but from what I can see there isn’t a Components panel as there is in other versions. I did see a comment that it’s something in the works, though.

Okay. So on the iPad they’re most useful when I need exact copies of something and I should hang a version back off in space for access if I’m going to be burying them mid model.

That wouldn’t be a bad process for now. You could save the components into a folder on your iPad and import them as needed but storing off to the side in the model might be the easiest method as you are working.

You don’t need to explode a group or component to edit it and make changes. You double click on one to “enter that level of context” and you are then able to edit what’s in the group (and only in that group, not the rest of the model) until you “exit the group” by clicking outside. Double clicking with a stylus can be frustrating (Apple Pencil and Wacom Pen, which I use on desktop). Any skidding while you do a double or triple click messes it up.


This is helpful for moving this particular model into other models of various storage buildings though! So thank you for that information. I hadn’t thought to move into other models.

Very helpful!!!

Found This thread in the archives about this. You are both correct (never assumed you weren’t :wink: ) and there is no components menu yet.

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I hope they make it light enough to handle like a thin paper notepad. iPads are still heavy enough that when you toss them on a table, they thunk, making them feel more delicate rather than like a tool. It also exhausts your hand when you hold it in certain positions for extended periods of time.