Component List/Inventory

Is there any way to see a list of components in a project? I’m not finding it. If not, is this on the roadmap? Seems that the ability to create/use components is greatly hampered without a way to find them.

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@leedumond There is not yet a way to see the list of In Model components. We do have it on the roadmap. Initially, via Outliner, where we’re exploring concepts that might allow the Outliner to display In Model components that both exist in the drawing space, along with those that have been deleted and not yet purged.

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So the IPad has no Model Info>Statistics page?

If I understand correctly, I think the OP is looking for the equivalent of Components panel In Model collection plus the ability to drag a component from there into the model. I think perhaps @MikeTadros is hinting that there could be the ability to drag a new component instance in from the outliner instead, which is an interesting idea.

Over time, I’ve found the “In Model” collection not that useful for this move, but opening a local collection very useful. That’s a feature I would like to see on iPad at some point.

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@Anssi Correct – no Model Info > Statistics panel, yet.
@RTCool Correct – SU for iPad does not currently offer a Components panel – and I am interested in keeping it that way – in favor of using 3DW for component library management, and using the Outliner for the things that the Components panel offers re: the “In Model” components.