Sketchup go?

Hi, my mac book died yesterday and so downloaded Go on iPad to try and do some work….

It’s pretty good.

Uploaded a drawing I was working on…a couple of questions/help please…

Is there Outloner on Go…can’t find it?

I can select an object to edit…goes into blue box…but I don’t know how to get out of a selection, back into the main model? I keep saving, getting out and then logging back in…

All thoughts welcome…I’ve done the tutorials but they are pretty basic.

Thanks Team!

Just for clarification: :wink:
SketchUp Go is a subscription-based version of SketchUp for Web that includes professional-level features as well as Trimble Connect for Business and email support… SketchUp for iPad is a part of this Subscription as well… but it is an application specially running on iPad as native app…
SketchUp Go - Frequently Asked Questions | SketchUp Help

Unfortunately I do not have iPad, so I can’t help here, but at least I put your topic to the relevant category… :innocent:

Ooooh! I got this! Just tap outside of the object area. :slight_smile:

Also, no outliner yet, but something in the works… Though my research leads me to believe that it won’t be the same, more of a hybrid function outliner and other menus.

Note too, that if you’re using an Apple Pencil, there’s an option to map the Escape command (to exit out of a group or component) to the Double-Tap Apple Pencil gesture, where you literally double tap on your pencil, with your finger. It works with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil. Some folks dig it, but it’s not for everyone. To set this preference, tap the gear icon in the top left toolbar to open the Preferences panel. You’ll see the option listed at the top of the Pencil & Multitouch tab.

Note also, that if you have an iPad keyboard, you can press Command+period which is what Apple offers as an alternative to the non-existent Escape key.

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FWIW- On the Magic Keyboard you can remap the globe key to be an escape key.