Apple Pencil Pro squeeze functionality

Hi guys - have been obsessively modelling away on my new iPad and loving it. Such a great platform for a SketchUp hobbyist like myself.

One question: Is the Apple Pencil Pro squeeze menu functionality working for other people? It seemed to briefly work for me when I first used it but now only very rarely (and randomly) pops up. I can’t find anything official from the SketchUp team on the subject or anything elsewhere in the forum, so would be very grateful to know anyone else’s experience.

It’s a super way to switch tools when it does work!

Hi @blakenberry, its awesome to hear that you’re enjoying SketchUp on your iPad! If you are on an M2 or newer ipad then double taping the pencil does work to bring up the app’s radial menu, which sounds like what you may have found.

Pencil pro squeeze gesture is not officially supported in the app…yet! We’d love to hear what you would like to see to happen in the app when you squeeze the pencil pro!

Ah that explains it! Thank you. I think I’d love the option for squeeze to do the same thing (as it’s much easier than double tapping in my opinion) but I’m sure you guys have plenty of great ideas also.

Im eagerly awaiting this functionality on the iPad as well. Maybe a radial menu of shortcut options?

…or maybe to mimic the shift button function on the desktop, forcing inference along edges and other references.

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I’m my perfect world it would have the same kind of customisable function that finger-tap and other inputs have.

That kind of “customisable” would then be taken even further to the point where each tool could have a “favored” secondary function so that when I use my “second function” action with a specific tool actively selected (eg. Move) then the secondary tool function that I had ticked (eg. Move and copy) would automatically select without me going into the side menu and tapping it.

Even further, it might be nice to have an option to click/squeeze through the secondary option choices… But I would still like the ability to indicate the order of the list for each tool.

So… For specific example…

*I have my “pen squeeze” set to “secondary function” or what is in this case essentially click through a list of secondary functions for active tool.

*My move tool is active.

*I have my move-tool list organized so that my first squeeze is move-copy (which I use more frequently)

*I squeeze the pencil once and the move-tool gets the copy modifier.

*I copy the component.

*Then I immediately would like to move that copy vertically.

*I squeeze once more to activate move-along-blue-axis (which is second in my list)

*I successfully use the actively modified tool to reposition the component vertically.

I think I’m this case, tools would stay modified until I change them again.

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