iPad click-move-click not working

My click-move-click is no longer working on my iPad. Every time I try to use it it just starts another line as soon as a soft tap on the screen. My pencil is working fine, I have the newest iPad generation. I have a friend whose click-move-click is doing the same thing. This makes it take a significant amount of time more. It won’t even let me select the line I was working on to adjust the measurement. I have to start the line and then pull the pencil away from the screen completely and them come right down on top of the measurement input and even then it doesn’t always work. More often than not I have to delete the line I just created 3x until I can time and aim correctly for everything and the stars align. This really sucks. If I can’t fix this or if this is a bug and doesn’t get fixed soon I’ll have to move to another platform, which sucks since this was very helpful. Now it is a burden.

Can anyone help?

I’ve had times when it seemed it wouldn’t complete a drawing sequence unless i tapped inside the measurement box just to hit enter, but this sounds worse. Do you live near an Apple store at all? Go into the store and ask to use one of their pencils on your iPad just as a test?

I don’t but my friend who also has an ipad and uses a pencil has been having the same problem. It’s possible, but the likelihood that both of ours are not working in the same way because of the pencils would be insane haha. The pencil is working for sensitivity though when I use other programs that are pressure sensitive it works.

I can’t say I can reproduce you’re experience, but I have an older iPad and 1st gen pencil. Maybe you could make a video of what’s happening. Sometimes iPad is better documented that way than a screen recording. Generally, @MikeTadros is pretty attentive here, but I don’t know if he’s seen this post,

I can’t repro it, either with a newer (4th gen 11”) iPad with Pencil 2. Can you msg me your exact hw / os info and maybe post a video? Thanks.


I’m able to reproduce this bug and I have a ticket in our system to fix it. Thanks for letting us know!

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@integritylandscapedesignz Thanks for posting your question here, and apologies about the trouble you’re experiencing. As Steph mentioned, we’re looking through your notes and have found a few things that, once fixed, should improve the overall experience for you and others.

To confirm, by the sounds of it, I assume you’re using an M2 iPad Pro with a 2nd Gen Apple Pencil?

One thing you might find useful is the setting to disable continuous line drawing.

Toggling this off will prevent SketchUp from automatically and immediately drawing a new line segment once a segment is completed. Allowing time for you to make your way over to the measurements box to input a measurement for the segment you’ve just completed.

Hopefully this helps, get you back on track while we work on smoothing out some of the other issues you reported.

(& Thanks @RTCool for the ping :wink:)

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