Sketchup on an iPad Pro


I’m new to this forum so this may not be the correct spot to ask this question.

Is there a free version of Sketchup that will run on an iPad Pro?


I stsrted using Sketchup years ago when I ran a Windows based system. Fell in love with it. I’m not a power user – the free basic version was just perfect for me. I then moved to a Mac laptop. All was still good until my version was eclipsed and unsupported. I then reverted to pencil & paper for a couple of years until the laptop gave up the ghost. I moved to the iPad Pro (12.9) which has been fantastic.

I truly want to dump the pencil and paper and use the technology on my desk for the projects I’m now into.

I’ve noticed discussion topics that show the question has been asked with the answer basically stating it is not available with the “marketing line” of we’re always evaluating requirements but do not speculate on futures.

I have never seen an answer as to WHY it’s not available – only that it’s not.

Can any one shed some light? Thanks in advance.


IF your iPad can run a Chrome or Firefox browser then there is a cloud version that is Free
… or extended for 120 US/year …

But keep in mind that although they’ve tried to make controls finger sized, it is still designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard.

How about that there is currently not enough users willing to pay for an iOS Pro version to offset the cost of development ?

Yea. Trimble Inc, the owner of SketchUp since 2012, is not a charity, but a publicly traded corporation that answers to stockholders.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sounds like I touched a nerve though. There was no malignment towards Trimble or its shareholders intended.

I’ll look into the web based version & give it a try. It may just do the trick for me.

I have no line of sight to what the critical mass would have to be to justify the investment to develop an IOS version. I only know what I “see” on woodworking forums I’m on. There seems to be a lot of interest for Sketchup on an iPad Pro on those.

Again, thanks for responding.


I think the principle reason is, that there’s a difference between MacOS and iOS pointing and clicking. With a Mac, moving the cursor and clicking are two different acts, while in iOS they are inseparable. In short, there’s no way to hover the cursor over parts of the model without also clicking at the same time. You can go ahead and try running SketchUp Free in a browser on the iPad Pro. I tried it in the Apple store just to see, but it’s not very useful. By comparison, Chromebooks do support mice, so they DO run My SketchUp in a browser. If Apple added mouse support for iOS on an OS level tomorrow, you’d be able to use My SketchUp. For Trimble to come up with there own work around looks like quite a challenge.


Thanks for this explanation. Once I read it I could see what the “problem” is with running it on an iPad Pro. While obvious now it had escaped me till you clearly laid it out.

FYI … I did try the web based version. While it does open the app – with a “whoa cowboy …” warning message, it crashes after about 10 seconds.

Shapr3D Pro version is way too costly for my needs and the free version is way too limiting.

Guess I’m still searching for an alternative solution.


Sorry, Bryan. I’m a geek, just chalk it up what I said to dry humor.


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