Installation on new iPad not working

I just purchased a new iPad and downloaded the sketch up pro 2021 download file. When I look in my download folder and click on the file, it just opens a page that says Sketchup 2021 in the middle of the page and 518.8 MB underneath. There is no sketchup icon on the the iPad and nothing happens.

Only the viewer works on an ipad, you can download it through the app store.
What made you think ios can run desktop apps?

thanks for your response. didn’t really understand about ios and desktop apps. I mainly got the ipad to use adobe design software. but I’ll ask another probably stupid question. can sketchup pro be run web-based on the ipad?

SketchUp Pro is the desktopversion that only runs on two operating systems (OS): Windows and MacOS.
Tablets usually run Android, Windows or IOS (iPad)
If you mean remotely controlling a Mac desktop, used to be easy with native screenshare (back to the mac) but I believe they no longer support this.

The only webbased SketchUp version is Free and Shop (which is included in the subscription to Pro)
Open a browser, go to and sign in.