Problems with delays using sketchup go on a Mac on the web after moving to starlink

I have been using Sketchup for a very long time and recently moved to Sketchup Go on the web to take advantage of the latest upgrades etc. I find it to be OK now that I have adjusted to the different interface, just a re-learning exercise.

Then my NBN FW service started dropping out all to frequently so I change over to Starlink.

Starlink absolutely flies, getting about 190 Mbps and loving it for streaming etc.

HOWEVER, Sketchup Go and Starlink are not happy partners, I keep getting delays when executing simple commands like Move, Pan etc. Gets to a point where I have no idea if the last instruction has been done or not, then whack, whack…everything happens at once.


  1. Has anybody had this experience and is there a solution?

  2. Is there a Desktop version available (ie. you buy the application and the files are on your desktop not on the web) with no subscription required.

I am even contemplating going to my Sketchup Make 2017, it might be old but it still works fine.


Not anymore, the last version that had a permanent license was the 2021, on another thread someone commented that it is possible to buy licenses of previous versions on facebook, i don’t know if its legal or a scam, I wouldn’t take the risk, Sketchup Go has a subscription license, why don’t you get the SketchUp pro version? its a lot better than the web based version and you wont have issues with your internet connection and you’ll be able to save your files on your local storage device without having to download them from your Trimble connect account.

Try installing SketchUp for Web as a progressive web-app. There will be a button on your browser to do so.

This article has instructions for the common/compatible browsers

It should in theory work without an internet connection at all for a period of time , as the majority of operations happen on the machine and not in the cloud.

What is the upload speed of starlink as opposed to the download speed? I wonder if that is the problem.

Thanks for that.
I thought Pro was a web based app and required a hefty subscription?

I have solved the problem. By coincidence I have been using the 3D warehouse quite a bit recently and it turns out that some the models I imported are rather large and as a consequence my files were becoming enormous, like 10Mb. I would have thought that would be OK but apparently not, things just get bogged down.
My files are normally around 600-900Kb and they are fine.

Nope, there are two desktop versions, the Pro that costs $350 and the Studio that costs $750, the studio version includes Vray, Scan essentials and Revit importer, from those extra tools the only one you can install separately on the pro version is Vray.

Hi Francisco,
The 2 versions you mention are both annual subscriptions, I cannot find a version that is a once off purchase for a Mac.
BTW - I am in Australia and those prices are USD

Ken Darvell

Unfortunately, SketchUp today is subscription only, so no one-off deals are available.