Screwed up due to free version :o(?h

Hi, during the last weeks I learned how to use sketch up (the free version) and started to design my new shed. However now I am screwed up…my shed is supposed to be built out in the bush of Canada where I have absolutely NO Internet. My intention was to use some tiome out there to finalize the project. All my data is in sketch up and I will leave two days from now towards the bush. Is there any chance to work with the data off-line? Export doesn’t seem to work either. Print out isn’t very helpful in this stage of the project…
Currently I do regret having stepped away from fusion360, which requires an on-line link every two weeks only. :o(

You could download your model as a SketchUp file using Hamburger menu in the upper left>Download>.skp. Then you could view your model offline using the SketchUp Viewer (free), or the SketchUp Mobil Viewer. However you will not be able to edit the file with either of these platforms.

Or you could purchase SketchUp Pro which is a desktop application which, similar to Fusion360, only needs to ping the license server every 28 days. There may be a free trial of SketchUp Pro that you could use for a limited time.

thanks ! The trial version was a good hint.
I just figured out there is a new SketchUp Go available, 30d trial possible, looks promising

SketchUp Go includes the iOS SketchUp version for iPad, and access to an online modeler version similar to SketchUp Free with some added functionality. It does not include access to an offline desktop version of SketchUp.

got the pro trial version now :o) this will do it.

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