Please revive SketchUp Make


I have SketchUp Make 2017. I plan to keep it as I do not feel comfortable with SketchUp Free.


Because I live in a rural part of a state where internet and cell phone service is unreliable. While I do use online storage for back ups, I prefer my apps to be resident on my computer for this times where internet services are not available. I prefer my files on my computer where I can get to them. Therefore, Sketch Free doesn’t appear to fit my circumstances.

Upgrade to SketchUp Pro? I’m a retired home woodworker. I don’t expect to profit beyond the enjoyment I get from planning and executing my designs in wood. While I must say your product is the best on the market and is reasonable for architectural and engineering firms with whom you compete, it is priced beyond my means.

So I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. I don’t qualify for your non-profit and education programs. I like your product. I’m willing to live without Layout, Builder and the many Pro-only functions within the product. I would feel sorry to leave you for another app that is more complex, more confusing, more difficult to use. I understand and respect your need to turn a profit. I just there is a middle ground for an app such as SketchUp Make for hobby craftsmen such as myself.


Other Trimble apps have a web version that seems to work completely offline.

SketchUp could follow. SketchUp could wrap it even into a downloadable Electron app.


Second! For me it’s the use of extensions i can use with make that mean free isn’t even an option. I think there should be an inbetween option. A version with a relatively low fee say 100$ and 50$ renewal that isn’t for commercial use and doesnt have layout. I love this program and have pro at work but I can not justify 700$ plus 120$ every year after for my hobby projects like my recent insidewonderland submission.

Also I believe sketchup make being free is the reason there is such a great community creating plugins. If that community is walled off by pro and free the software will lose it’s most valuable feature


Je suis heureux de savoir que Sketchup Make existe for free. Cela procure à ce logiciel une très grande audience auprès des artisans amateurs. Il reviendra donc à ceux qui veulent se professionnaliser et se faire beaucoup de profits de passer à Sketchup Pro moyennant une partie du profit qu’ils réaliseront. J’estime aussi que des développeurs de bons coeurs existent pour créer des plugins gratuits pour Sketchup Make. C’est le sens d’une communauté je crois ! L’existence même de ce logiciel qui est Sketchup est un bonheur pour les esprits créateurs !