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I was an early user of Sketchup in its pre-Google life. Foolishly I bought a copy just before Google took it over and issued it for free.

I have used it ever since on an old Windows XL pc for small craft projects. The pc has died and cannot be resurrected. I can’t justify buying a modern pro version. What options do I have for free use? Or does my old licence give me an other access to the modern version?

You can download the last free-for-non-commercial-use version SU Make 2017 from here:

It will open all prior versions of SU Models.

If you need to open models (e.g., from the 3D Warehouse) they can be downloaded as SU 2017 files.

But as time passes, the Warehouse will drop support for versions older than three generations - it no longer offers v2016 downloads.

For that purpose, you could use the Eneroth3 plugin called Open Newer Version from here.

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As outlined above.

No, it doesn’t. It’s so long ago, and you haven’t (I guess) payed the annual maintenance fee, so if you needed a licence for commercial as opposed to hobby use, you’d have to pay again for a new licence.

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which version of SU do you have the license for, it may run if you still have the lic details to add…

if it’s pre Ruby plugins or you don’t use them, then the online SU Free web app, is more advanced than what you had…


Thanks John, I do have the licence details so will give it a try. I don’t know about Ruby plug ins, I’m only a very basic user. I use it to visualise 3D versions of things I draw in Autocad 2D for CNC.

Thank you for you help.



Thanks John,

I am not concerned about opening old files. I just want to be able to use the basic SU functionality to creat 3D pictures of simple woodworking projects.

If SU 2017 is free to down load that will be all I need.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind Regards


SU 2017 Make is free to download, but licensed only for NON-commercial use.

It starts as a 30 day Pro trial but reverts to Make after that.

It doesn’t include Layout (used mainly for construction documentation and 2D documentation of a 3D model), or Style Builder for designing your own line styles. And it doesn’t have a couple of Pro-only features - Solid Tools and some import/export file formats including DWG are also only in Pro, and maybe a few other features I can’t remember.

But for modelling, it’s fine. You might need DWG output for CNC but there are workarounds or plugins, I think - I don’t use CNC myself

Many thanks – this is just what I need.



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