From Sketchup16 to 18

New here and wondering…I have been using Sketchup16 up till now and today a friend gifted me Sketchup18. My question is, will everything I created in the past on 16 still show up on 18 for me to continue to work on them? Or will I have to start over again from scratch?

Short answer - yes.

SU has very high backward compatibility. If for any reason you need to keep using SU 2016 as well, SU 2018 can 'Save As… ’ any previous version. You might for example have SU 2018 on your desktop, and 2016 on a laptop if the latter can’t run versions later than 2016 because of inadequate graphics card or drivers.

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Plus, other than to conserve disk space it is not necessary to uninstall 2016 when you install 2018. Multiple versions can coexist on the same computer.


Awesome! I had to ask because the last time I did an update I was getting messages that I could not and had to start all my projects all over.

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