I just want Sketchup 15 back!

So I had been using SU15 Make, but then '17 came out and it wants me to upgrade, says i can go back if i dont like it. BUT 17 wont install correctly. BUT it wont let me go back to 15. BUT SketchUp support is only available for Licence holders.

I seriously only use this for fun, model building, that I print in 3D, BUT I am halfway thru a project, and need to make an adjustment, but cant.

SO Frustrating.


Do you want someone to save your model as a SU 2015 file?

Not true! There is no reason (and nothing says that) you must uninstall the previous (or any previous) SketchUp version, when “roadtesting” any new version.

All SketchUp versions install into there OWN versioned program folder, and use their OWN settings and plugins folders. So one version install, will not (drastically) interfere with another.

There are a few quirks that can be dealt with, such as each version keeps setting itself to be the double-click opener application for .SKP files each time they run, and v2017 sets the IE WebDialog browser emulation setting for all versions of “sketchup.exe” to MSIE v11. (Regardless of what YOU use to browse the web, SketchUp extensions and some native network features use a MSIE library to display interactive content in browser frames.)

I’d suggest you at least try to upgrade to SketchUp Make 2016. There are links in this post:

Otherwise here’s links to SketchUp Make 2015:


We can guide your way through to see if your computer can install SU17. Recently the 3D Warehouse drop support for SU13 and SU8. Eventually the same thing will happen with SU15.

Are you using a laptop?

What is your graphic card? In Windows > Start > search for Device Manager > Open Display adaptor. What do you have?

no thank you, I want my SU 15 to work again.

that would be great! I think mine is an AMD RADEON R5

What problems did you have with SU17?

Did you run Checkup - a new computer check app released with SU17 that poke around in your computer to see if it’s SU17 ready.

Laptop or desktop? By default laptops use the integrated Intel graphics chipset. Users have to adjust the setting in the graphic card control panel to use the more powerful cards.

2017 not launching contains links to help with some of the common issues, like needing to update the graphic driver - have you updated yours?

As mentioned above, unless you uninstalled SU15, it’s still there. And if you keep the installation files, you could reinstall SU15.

It wouldnt install the “extras”
No, i didnt know Checkup existed

I think Ill try reinstalling 15


I just uninstalled SU and reinstalled. But I noticed that I was using SU16, So i found that installer here. I never would have been able to get this working without you folks.

You have my most humble thanks. All of you

The extras can be installed separately. Sometimes the installer doesn’t succeed in getting them from MS. So you can get them from Windows update. Links for that can be found through the link I gave you above.

I used Sketchup for quite a few years, always updating to the latest and greatest. SU15 became my friend and ready helper when he came into my life. When SU16 came along I naturally followed the herd and updated… I hated it! The new look was just a gimmick as far as I was concerned that made my old friend into a reluctant stranger. I booted him out and have invited my old friend SU15 back as a permanent guest. I realize that there are new features and benefits to be had by updating, but I think it is a mistake to mess with the interface and make your loyal followers learn a new look just because you can. I will stick with SU15 as long as I can… because I can.

For those who have problems with installing 2017, Trimble officially provide both PRO and Make of versions 2015 and 2016 here: