SketchUp Make installation will not work




I (we?) can’t read your text, SketchUp’s message is blocking it.
Please try again.

p.s. how long have you been using the SU2017 Pro-trial version?


The error message indicates that ThumbsUp couldn’t be installed. There are a number of threads on this topic if you search.

Try installing SketchUp again but this time install it correctly. Right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator.

@Wo3Dan, there’s no text in his post to read other than in the screen shot of the error message.


I have problems to installation of SketchUp Make; the problem is in the message; my S.O. is Windows 7 64 bit; my video is Nvidia GeForce GT520;


I just done (Run as administrator) ;
The .Net Framework is correct; I installed manually api-ms-win-crt-runtime;
But not work… :frowning:


Search the forum. There are loads of posts on the topic.


@frangrav See this post:
Unable to install SketchUp Pro 2017


Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 OK !
Be sure you have installed update KB2999226 OK !
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Offline Installer) OK !
“Run as administrator” OK !

P.S. I update video drivers…

but Sketchup do not work (the error message is the same) :frowning:

Thank you…


Hi All,

I’m new to the forum. Ive been using SketchUp 8 for the last 2 years, awesome, but was needing something a little more advanced, yet free.
It was recommended i download Make which seesm to actually be a 30 day trail of ver 2017. i had the same issues as everyone above, managed to get by the Thumbsup issues and successfully installed without any errors, but when you open the application, it crashes. Anyway, this is just way to complicated and time consuming. Is there another version higher than sketchup 8 without bugs…i just need to install and carry on with what I’m doing. Any advise will be much appreciated. I’m also not looking for a 30 day trail version.


@RomP, the issue being presented here is not due to bugs in SketchUp 2017. Rather it has to do with some users having computers that need to be updated. Very likely what you describe would be traced to your graphics card and its drivers. IntelHD cards are well-known to be lacking in adequate support of OpenGL. You can try updating the graphics drivers and see if that helps.

Are you getting Bug Splats when SketchUp crashes? Are you sending them in with identifying info like your e-mail address?

If, after updating the graphics drivers you are still having trouble, you can try going back to SU2016 and let it do software rendering.


DaveR thank you.

Ive gone through a few of the threads here and made progress.
Ive checked C++, Frame…net. Ive run install as administrator. Had a look at the .wer files also.
Ive just updated the graphics driver to Ver
Everytime i do something i get further. Now I can open Sketchup, but it hangs…I’m sure i’ll get everyting running soon.

I’m just not sure if its worth it all for 30 days use. With our exchange rate 600Dollars for a paid version is simply not worth it. Do you know what the latest free versions are perhaps.
its just frustrating as the older versions had no issues…simple download, install, so i suppose I’m a little out of my comfort zone :slight_smile:


Assuming you downloaded the right file, you should have SketchUp Make 2017 with a 30-day trial of Pro. After the 30 days have passed, it should revert to SketchUp Make. Both versions have the same requirements for suitable hardware and such.

As with all other software out there, new versions generally require more of the hardware. SketchUp is designed to take advantage of reasonably current OS and hardware capabilities.

Did you uninstall the older version of SketchUp? If not, it should still be there.


Yes Dave, thanks. I currently use ver8…just a little limited.
Thanks for clearing that up, so once the 30day trail has expired, I will carry on with make.?

Ver 8 is still active, but i don’t want to mess up saved files by mistake if I cannot read back to ver 8.

I just got 2017 to run…seems stable… amazing what a few reboots and graphics drivers update will do. i think the problem was that the graphics drivers did not update properly… All seems fine now. updated to driver ver on the intel 4600 card

thank you for the advice and apologies to OP for hijacking their thread.


That’s the idea assuming you told them you are using SketchUp for personal use only.

As I said, bad graphics drivers are most often the cause for crashes at startup. Happy to hear you got it working.

You’ll want to stick with SU2017 anyway. SU8 is the buggy one and besides, things like the 3D Warehouse and other stuff no longer work with that ancient version.


Thanks Dave