Need to go back

My sister decided to update sketchup for me, meaning deleting 2016 make and downloading 2017, but I am having a problem that runtime will not update. I tried downloading the window updater, tried using the update thing, even my sister has tried but nothing is working. I can’t find 2016 make anymore, only pro which will install but I can’t use sense I don’t have a licence for it. Can someone here help? I really need it working.

Do you mean she uninstalled SU2016 before installing SU2017? There’s no need to do that. Each version installs separately so they can both be resident on your computer.

Do you still have the installer for SU2016 in your Downloads folder?

Yes she uninstalled it and no I don’t have it in my downloads folder.

@wfanfic, sketch3d_de should have you set up with the link you need now. In future maybe you shouldn’t let your sister try to upgrade your computer. :smiley: