Reinstall SketchUp 2016 after installing 2017

I installed 2017 and found that my graphics card was incompatible with it. In the mean time, I had uninstalled 2016. I have the install program for Pro version of 2016 but never purchased a license since I use this program at most once a year. When I reinstall 2016, it recognizes that my free trial has expired and I can’t proceed any further without purchasing the license. How can I reinstall the non-pro versions of SketchUp 2016?

FYI, various standalone versions of SketchUp can co-exist on the same machine. Uninstalling an older installation is not necessary (and never has been required) when trying out any newer version.

Going forward, there’d have been no reason to uninstall SU2016 before installing SU2017. Each version installs separately and can coexist on your machine.

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Yes, but I have already uninstalled 2016 before I knew that I could have two versions so I need to

… and so the link (above) with downloads of the older installers.

I didn’t complete the response so here it is again.

Yes, but I have already uninstalled 2016 before I knew that I could have two versions so I need to get back to the 2016 version. The questions is how can I do this.

The question was answered by me above in post #2.

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Thank you very much. I was able to open the Make 2016 version.

I faced a similar problem to op, trialled Pro 17, was working fine but then began crashing on start, no bugsplat window though, uninstalled and installed make 17, problem persisted. I believe all my drivers are up to date. I thus downloaded make 16 (thank you for above link), this means however i cant open important work began in pro 17. Is there anyway easy way I can convert files? if not I may be able to access the file on someone else’s version of pro 17 and then save it as a legacy file.
Do you have any suggestions for getting make 17 to work? I aim to contact Dell to check if there are any driver updates for my system (as suggested at Important Update on a few Potential SketchUp 2017 issues on Windows) as the only one i can find for intel 4600 will not install, but it appears i have that version anyway.

many thanks in advance.

problem resolved

How ? You presented the peril, now give us the conclusion of the story. :wink:

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