Having trouble installing Pro 2017

I am having trouble installing Pro 2017 64bit on my computer. I have been using Make for the past few years and have recently started new business (custom cabinets/storage for safes). Looking at Pro for business use. I have 2016 Make on my computer and when I went to install Pro 2017 for the free trial, I encountered an error (screen shot below). I have searched the forum and found topic on this error but none of the resolutions seem to help. I cannot email Sketch because I have not purchased the Pro version, but how can I if I don’t know if it will even install on my system? Can anyone help?

Details on my system: Windows 10 Pro 64bit (up to date)


Looks to me as if you haven’t started the installation correctly. Uninstall Make and then right click on the installer for Pro and choose Run as administrator.

Since Make apparently runs fine, there’s no reason to think Pro won’t.

When you first installed Make, you should have had a 30 day trial of Pro.

I currently have 2016 Make installed. I installed it before starting my
business and never tried Pro. I am concerned that if I uninstall it, i will
loose Sketchup all together. I still use it plently for personal projects
and dont want to loose that functionality. Do I have to uninstall 2016 to
install 2017 Pro?

I have tried Running as admin. I even activated the hidden master admin
account and tried it from there. No luck yet.


No. You don’t need to uninstall SU2016.

Do you still get the same error message when you use Run as administrator?

Do you have anti-virus software that might be preventing SketchUp from installing?

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