Sketchup Make Install returns Prebootstrapper error


Over a month ago, I installed Sketchup Make. The same day, I uninstalled Make and downloaded a 30-day trial of Pro. My Pro trial ran out a few weeks ago, so I uninstalled Pro and tried to install Make. The installer downloaded fine. I opened it, and the normal installing window popped up. The bar filled up, then the window disappeared and I was given the Prebootstrapper Error:
could not create sketchup_install
I think it has something to do with me flip-flopping between Make and Pro. Please help. Thank you!


Installing SketchUp:

Be sure to “Run as administrator”

And BTW Make runs as a Pro trial for the 1st 30 days, so you should have just stuck with Make the 1st time.


Search the forums, others have reported this also.