SketchUp Make Free Version never installs

Hi, i tried 11 times to install the Make Free Version of SketchUp and everytime i open the software i get a license saying it’s going to expire in 30 days. Why does this happen if it’s a FREE version? what is going on???
I have had other people follow the same installation process and they don’t have this option since it’s FREE -they can use it unlimited when they check the license tab.

SketchUp won’t answer me since I’m not a paying customer. What am i doing wrong or what is going on? I’ve formatted my computer, I tried installing directly from the website, i attempted the sketchup make thread on here with the link to the download page, I’ve tried CNet installer and after each uninstall and reinstall i get a license expiration even though Make is supposed to be free. Why won’t it install properly as a free version?



Make opens initially with a 30-day trial of Pro. If you installed Make, it will revert from Pro to Make when the trial period elapses.

Thank you!!! hopefully that’s the case, i am now relaxed.

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