New 3D Viewer

Source: Trimble Updates

The new Trimble Connect 3D Viewer is now out of beta phase. Starting from 22 october, the new 3D Viewer is launched by default when 3D content is clicked in the Trimble Connect web browser application.


The new 3D Viewer is a complete re-write that is based on modern web technologies. Benefits include:

  • Load models faster than before
  • Load bigger models than before
  • It’s a responsive web application: Works on both desktop and mobile browsers (tablets and mobile phones)

Main Features

The following list highlights some key features in the initial release:

  • Models panel
  • ToDos panel
  • Views panel
  • Opening links created with the Share Data feature in Connect web browser application
  • Adding attachments to model objects. Attachments are shown as icons in the 3D space
  • API and application framework that enable extending the new 3D viewer with new functionality and integrating to other applications
  • Only clashes that are attached to a ToDo are visible initially

What we are working on next

The Trimble Connect 3D Viewer is being actively developed and we target to introduce many new features in the future. Next we will be working on for example

  • Clash sets panel (view and create new clash sets)
  • Snapping for the measurements tool
  • List view for model attachments

Useful Tips

Internet Explorer browser support

  • The new Connect 3D Viewer does not support the Internet Explorer browser due to its lack of support of the needed web graphics standards. Please use a more modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Old 3D viewer availability

  • The old 3D viewer will stay available until the end of March 2020. It can be launched by clicking the “View in legacy viewer” button in the side panel. The button becomes visible after selecting a 3D model file: