Starting as a newbie ...trying to find the Preferences

Hi all,

I’ve been tasked with learning Sketchup Free web based program, to eventually use with our students. A few things mention going to Windows > Preferences…etc

I’ve failed at the first hurdle! Can’t seem to find it anywhere, be grateful for any advice and pointing out where exactly it is

Thank you

In the web version the interface is redesigned from scratch, with most things being in new places. Whart in Preferences are you looking for?

Thanks for your fast reply. I’m trying to follow these instructions:

Sketchup introduced an easier way to install plugins. Download the RBZ version of the plugin (skp_to_dxf.rbz) to your harddrive - it is a zipped file but don’t extract it. Then in Sketchup click on the install extensions button. It’s found under Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension

…but I can’t see from my screen shot where ‘Preferences’ are

Thank you

Yeah, that’s another issue, Sketchup Free the web based version doesn’t currently support plugins.

Basically you are looking at info and tutorials for the Desktop version.
I’m afraid that as we speak there aren’t many Tutorial for the Web version.

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Is the desktop version free? Should I be using that one

The latest SU version (2018) doesn’t have a free version but SU 2017 has. I’d every day use the desktop version myself over the web version.

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The two 2017 programs in that link are SU Pro and SU Make. Where can I find the free desktop one you mentioned?

Thanks again

Make is the free desktop version.

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Thank you Dave, I’ll have to get our IT admin to install (we don’t have permissions) and hopefully that will get me going

Make sure that they install it using your login account, but running the installer by right-clicking and choosing “run as administrator”. Any other method of installation on Windows (including being logged on as an administrator) is likely to lead to strange errors later.

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[quote="Conor, post:5, is the desktop version free? Should I be using that one
Hello @Conor,

In addition to SketchUp Make, you should have your IT dept. try SketchUp for Schools. That may work more favorably for your situation as an educator.

He basically started out with SketchUp For Schools (SketchUp Free) but there’s no option to set preferences which is what he’s looking for.

Well…that is indeed something about which I need to become better informed. I have never used SketchUp for Schools or SketchUp Free except to review them during the beta stage. I do realize that both are essentially the same program with a few very minor exceptions.

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