MacOS Catalina (10.15) & SketchUp

Attention Mac Users,

You might notice that Catalina is officially available in the Mac App store. As mentioned in our previous post on this subject, SketchUp 2019 and previous versions are not officially supported and may not work properly. We’ve been testing and plan to push an updated version soon. Right now your copy of SketchUp 2019 may encounter a couple of issues;

  1. The Welcome Window’s templates panel sometimes loaded slowly
  2. Text is displayed with a black background on some configurations

At this point we advise avoiding the temptation to upgrade until we have an update available, though you might want to give it a few weeks before upgrading anyway.

We’ll announce all over the place when our SketchUp 2019 update is available for install.

Note; we are not updating versions previous to SketchUp 2019 so caution is advised with any other version of SketchUp and the latest version of MacOS.

EDIT: SketchUp 2019.3 is NOW AVAILABLE! You can read the Release Notes Here to know whats new. Specific to this post, it makes SketchUp work properly with MacOS Catalina.


What about SU Make 17, will this not work with Mac OS going forward?

I believe Jody talks in terms of official support, and ongoing updates. He knows more about those things than I do. But, I’ve been using Catalina for months, and continue to test with many versions of SketchUp, including 2016 and 2017.

Stay with his “caution is advised”, and whether you must update to Catalina depends a lot on your non-SketchUp needs.


Thanks for the update.

SU2017 is not officially supported on Catalina. It may work, but you may also run into issues.

Colin is correct. The ONLY version of SketchUp that’s being updated to be certain to work with Catalina is SketchUp 2019. You may be able to use ANY other version, but if things go awry, we may not be able to offer you any form of support from the team directly… though you can always come to the forum to discuss it with others. In fact, if you run a version of SketchUp and it DOES work, I encourage folks to post about it here, or let the community know what fails.

(To be clear, we’re not designing SketchUp to stop working with OS updates, Apple just keeps making changes that affect older versions of SketchUp and other applications.)

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I never once suggested this :wink: Yes, Apple and perhaps MS WILL make changes to their OSes going forward which “might” prevent Make '17 from being used “forever” as it has been stated. When this came up about the current Mac OS I thought I would ask about compatibility with Make 17.
I addition to this there is the rumor that Apple might ditch x86 for arm in their laptops down the road. That might be interesting.
Thanks for the updates and clarifications.

Of the 17 apps on my machine, SketchUP is the only one not prepare for Catalina’s release. I can handle the couple little glitches (assuming it’s only the 2 mentioned), but it would be nice if Trimble took advantage of the months between the announcement and release of new OS.


I’ve upgraded to Catalina and have used Sketchup Pro 2019 every day since the upgrade. The only issue I’ve had are dimension text display issues in Layout. When the scenes come into layout from Sketchup the background of the dimension text box is blacked out. When I change the display option from Raster to Vector, this corrects the text display.


My SketchUp Pro 2018 refuses to start on Catalina so now I am downgrading to Mojave. Apple Support gave me a link so that I can download Mojave from the AppStore.

Before you give up, when it fails to open take a look in the security settings. You hopefully will see an option to open SketchUp.


There were 10 beta releases, even if you managed to keep up with the fore last, the last could break something…
And now Catalina is launched, expect to see an update from Apple very soon to mend the breaks of its own OS.
Some things can not be foreseen…

There were 11 betas, the beta 11 one probably matching the GM build. I see there is a beta for an update to Catalina. I’ll give it a try.

Always on top!

SketchUp Pro 2018 launches on Catalina but when I open a file or create a new one using a pre-built template it crashes just after a second. So it is not a matter of security settings I suppose.

It didn’t go well. 10.15.1 beta 1 has some serious issues, and I had to reinstall 10.15 beta 11.

The 10.15 release version is one build later than the beta 11, but the release notes are the same. I’m not planning on installing the GM version, I will soon be on to 10.15.1 (but probably not until beta 2).

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Nice, So I have no local solution to run any version of Sketchup Make just for my own personal projects that are not for sale.

So my only choice is to run via the cloud and waste all of that bandwidth. That sucks!

In addition the current free version is like learning a whole new program. Almost none of the commands look like the 2017 make. Did a quick look at the library and I couolndt even fine that. I’ll keep looking.

It’s lousy that Apple’s OS changes are breaking applications that people use. You could roll your OS back.

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