Update to SU19.3/ Mac Catalina - is there any up-to-date wisdom on upgrade?

An official SU ‘category’ for up-to-date version wisdom would be helpful instead of Googling around and coming across random experiences. Yes, I looked at the ‘version notes’ for 19.3, but would like to see the shared learnings and responses from people who are ‘just a user’ like me.
I run into frustration when dealing with the under the hood mechanical - but do complex work with the native SU tools, albeit on an aging MacBookPro11,2 mid 2014 model.

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Most recent.

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As @Box has posted, the latest version of SU (2019.3) looks as if it addresses some of the more obvious issues with Catalina. However, past experience has taught me to remain very cautious and to resist upgrading the OS as long as possible. Apart from anything else, the benefits of new OS’s seem to diminish year by year and they almost always bring some misery. It might just be that an older computer no longer has the power to run the new OS satisfactorily. You can’t stave it off for ever but I would just suggest you make sure you are doing it for a very good reason. I may well resist until SU 2020 appears.