macOS Catalina and SketchUp


Is anybody here running SketchUp on macOS Catalina? I would like to know if it is compatible or if there are any showstoppers.



Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2018. If that’s the case, you can be certain that it doesn’t support Catalina. That’s not to say it doesn’t work or that there are any problems, though. Even SU2019 wouldn’t officially support Catalina.

I haven’t seen anything yet that indicates there are any issues with running SketchUp on Catalina. Maybe you’ll be the first to try it?

Hi Dave, thanks for your answer. I guess I should update my profile. I am using SketchUp 2019.

I will update this thread when I try it.


Good luck. And thanks for updating your profile. That information can be useful.

I am running Catalina full time, and with lots of SketchUp testing. I noticed an odd thing in SketchUp 2018, where the alert about you having out of date extensions has a black background. One new thing in Catalina is that you can have an auto mode for Dark mode. I think the dialog is confused about whether I’m dark right now.

I should do a test with 2019, to provoke the extension dialog, to see if it is also black. That’s just cosmetic, but if it could be fixed, then why not fix it!

Overall though, I’ve had no problems with SketchUp under Catalina.

This isn’t to say that I do every combination of actions that can be done in SketchUp. One of the QA team has Catalina on an external bootable drive, so if you do see any problems, he should be able to reproduce the issue and log a bug report.

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Thank you very much Colin! That’s very encouraging news. I hope the 2019 version works even better. Please keep us posted. I’ll do the same when I install Catalina.

Some news, I’ve noticed that text shows as corrupted. I’ll tell QA about that so they can log a bug about it, though I dare say it’s something that Apple will fix.


Can you post a screenshot of the garbled text?


I was trying to find time to come and see you! Start up in Catalina, try to do anything that involves text. It will resemble this:

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

Hi Colin, thank you for sharing. Is this still 2018? Did you have a chance to try with the 2019 version?

The corruption happens in both 2018 and 2019.

Thanks for your answer Colin. I guess that’s a showstopper.

I hope the SketchUp team update the software to support Catalina. They have been quite slow to fully adopt the new operating systems, even with the new subscription system. We still don’t have a dark mode for Mojave, released in September of last year.

And SketchUp also ignores any dark mode setting(s) on the MS Windows platform. Dark mode is the feature highest on my “list of wishes.”

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Here’s the latest info on SU and macOS Catalina:


Hi mchandler.

Any new development with Sketchup 2019.2 and Catalina beta 5? Still not working properly?

Thanks for any updates about the topic.


Not much change in SketchUp’s behavior on the new Catalina drop. It’s interesting to note that this new version completely broke Firefox and Thunderbird (they crash immediately after launching). Like many apps, SU/LO both trigger security warnings when launched on Catalina. To get around those warnings, press and right-click on the installer or application icons and select Open.

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Trying to install it on my laptop now with Catalina Beta on it. I’ll try to get past the security warning.

It’s been a while since I installed SketchUp in Catalina the first time. One thing that seems to happen is that you right-click, Open, and still nothing happens. If that’s the case, open System Preferences and look in Security & Privacy, General. You will see a message in the bottom area asking if you trust this DMG.

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Hi Milo, did it work?

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