macOS Catalina and SketchUp

Apple released beta-6 of Catalina today (you can find the release notes here). We will continue to test SketchUp, LayOut, and Style Builder.

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Thank you very much for the updates. Super appreciated.

It did work. No issues except for trying to open an older version of Sketchup. But a few tries and it opened.

Hi Milo, did you find any roadblocks after a few days of use? Interested in the 2019.2 version of Sketchup Pro Classic

The (developer) beta-7 release of Catalina was made available today (click here for the release notes). As with any beta or pre-release software, users are advised to exercise caution when upgrading their OS.

hi how did you get passed the security?


I think that he used my August 4th suggestion:

One thing that seems to happen is that you right-click, Open, and still nothing happens. If that’s the case, open System Preferences and look in Security & Privacy, General. You will see a message in the bottom area asking if you trust this DMG.

I’ve been using -right-click > Open without any issues.

Apple released the beta-8 version yesterday, and various websites are saying Catalina will see an October release.

I can use Sketchup but cannot use layout in Catalina OS

What happens when you try to run LayOut?