SKETCHUP 2019 AND macOS Catalina - I have upgraded and now it won't work

I am using SK 2019 for Mac and just installed Catalina. OOPS!!! I am getting this error message when I try to boot…
“Sketchup is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to trash.” Funny but Layout works! Trimble how can you let this happen? You’ve had the beta versions for months.
What do I do now???

It’s kind of hard to expect software to be updated for a new operating system before the operating system is released. The SketchUp folks are working on an updated version of SU2019 but that takes a little time. Maybe you should ask how Apple can release operating systems that break applications.

It’s a good idea to check with your software suppliers to make sure the applications are updated before you blindly change to a new operating system. A little quick search on the forum here would have turned up threads with recommendations for how to deal with upgrading to Catalina.

What happens if you try launching SketchUp by holding down the [control] key, right-clicking on the SketchUp app, and selecting Open?

same thing…I have an older version 2017 which works so I’m not totally stymied.

Yup you’re absolutely right. This is not the first time over the years that Sketchup suffered with a MacOS upgrade. It seems to be a Gatekeeper problem for me. Should have know better :frowning:

OK. One more question: was SketchUp already installed before you upgraded the OS, or did you install SU after upgrading? Curious to know if removing the current instance of 2019 and reinstalling fixes the issue (although you may have to try the aforementioned ctrl-right-click method).

No it has been on my Mac for months. The right click does nothing and I keep getting this window…

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 4.08.03 PM

I have not tried to reinstall yet but I will.

I reinstalled Sketchup 2019 and the problem is gone. Opens and works fine. Thanks for your comments.

Good to know. Thanks for giving it a try.

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When I’ve gotten that message, it has been because I did something that altered the SketchUp bundle before running SketchUp for the first time. That causes the Gatekeeper to proclaim that the app is damaged and can’t be opened. Reinstalling and then running SketchUp immediately has always fixed the issue for me.

Yes I did a reinstall and now everything is back to normal. I’m not experiencing any oddities using Sketchup 2019 with Mac OS Catalina.