SketchUp and Catalina

I have not as yet updated to Catalina and have been balking at doing so. Yes I have seen the other posts, but they are a tad older and things might have changed since then. I use SketchUp Make, but I don’t think the desktop version will work with Catalina, and I do not want to use the online version as the internet can be unpredictable or just not available, and I don’t like depending on it if at all possible. Is there any current version of SketchUp that will work offline and resident on my iMac please?

Although SketchUp 2017 Make doesn’t support Catalina, most features do work. There have been a few niggles but nothing that should really get in the way of you using SketchUp for your hobby. There is no newer SketchUp Make version so if you’re going to continue with Make and upgrade to Catalina, you’ve got what there is.

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