Make 2017 no longer valid (after upgrade to Catalina)?

I was learning SketchUp with the free downloadable Make 2017 software. After I updated my os to Catalina Vs 10.15.2 launching sketchup results in a request to authenticate a “Pro” trial version. Mind you I’m far from a pro and I’m certainly not in any position to use this for commercial work, I’m just a hobbyist woodworker. So whats the deal? Is there some way I can continue to learn with the Make 2017 software? I don’t like the online interface.

Catalina Support was not added until SU 2019.3. See the release notes …

Try reinstalling SketchUp 2017 ?

@colin, any ideas ?

Thanks, yes I deleted using an uninstaller, rebooted then reinstalled using the same download file.

Yes, I have ideas! The Make 2017 welcome screen still grabs some current web content, and will show you the invite to try SketchUp Studio 2019.

Ignore those parts of the window, and click on the big Start using SketchUp button. That will get you into SketchUp during the trial period, and eventually you will be asked if you agree to the terms (that is, you’re not going to use Make for commercial purposes). If you agree to that you shouldn’t be bothered by the promotions again.

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Outstanding! Thank you! Now back to fumbling around. Someday I’ll be good at this :slight_smile:

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So, it is possible to run SketchUp Make 2017 on a machine with Catalina?

I have to teach Photo Match to a class in a month (SketchUp for Schools won’t do PM), and the IT guys upgraded all the Mac Minis in the room to Catalina. Can I still get Make 2017 up and running on these machines?

I have SketchUp back to 2016 for testing. 2016 seems to not survive for too long, but 2017 Pro and Make both seem to work ok. Which isn’t to say they are supported, but worth a try.

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I had Sketchup Make VS 17.3.116 operating on my Mac prior to the Catalina 10.15.3 “upgrade” and it is still working fine afterwards, after the tip from Colin above.

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We have some great beginner learning resources on so you don’t have to ‘fumble around’ too long…unless you want to of course :wink:

Yes thanks, and they are very good. I was going through the fundamentals courses a few weeks ago and they stopped working. Your comment here encouraged me to go back and try again and it appears they are working now. Thanks!

FWIW, for me anyway, the reviews stopped working on course 6, and the video wouldn’t load on on later courses.

Yeah this is a known problem with our hosting platform. We’re working on a solution but until then, you can try logging out and viewing the videos as ‘anonymous’ which should solve it. Let me know if you have any feedback or other issues as we’re all here to help.