Upgraded to MacOS Catalina, Sketchup won't work and can't find my Sketchupfree7 license info

Hello, I first used Sketchup in 2006/7 to help redevelop a new home in Norfolk, England - a retirement project. When I recently upgraded my MacBook Retina to Catalina, I lost Sketchup.Seeking help from sketchup.com, I was told they had no record of my (free) license, but could help if I supplied some details. I’ve dredged through my Mac, and I can’t find anything… Any suggestions as to how I can find the information sketchup.com has asked gor? Hope you can help, Mundy

Why not use the web app?

Thanks for the suggestion. Which web app?

OK, I found how to download files from my MacBook to Trimble Sketchup, thanks very much for the tip. Doesn’t feel as if they’re still “mine,” though! I haven’t found out whether I can make .jpgs from them and send them to people - like builders etc…

You can export .png image files from SketchUp Free. That should work to send to others.

If you are using SketchUp for your business you would need to be using SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro. With Sketchup Pro you have more export options including .jpg for image export.

Thanks, but no. I started using Sketchup back in 2006/7, when we were removating our home after I’d retired. Hence the reference to “builders.” So no, I don’t want to use it professionally - I used to be a writer/editor!

If you prefer a desktop application, you can still download and install SketchUp Make 2017. It is free for personal use like the free versions from the Google times used to be.

Thanks for the suggestion. Would that work with Mac OS Catalina (64bit)? And would it open my age-old Sketchup files?

I think it should work with Catalina. All desktop versions of SketchUp can open and save in older file formats. My SketchUp 2021 supports formats down to version 3.

Hi Anssi,

Thanks again for your advice! Sketchup Make 17 works fine, and opens all my hard work from years ago! I wonder why Sketchup didn’t tell me about this from the start, when I told them I couldn’t find any evidence of a previous license? Mundy

If I remember right, to use the Google-era free versions you didn’t need any license or registration.

In your first post you said you were using a free version of SketchUp. There would have been no license so nothing for anyone to find.

Of course! I did tell them that I got Sketchup in 2006-2007, but they just said they had no record of me and couldn’t update me unless I could provide evidence. It’s all so long ago…

But thank you. I can now open and tweak my ancient treasures! Mundy