So like why is sketch up free not an app

Basically i think its hard to use sketchup in chrome but i had a trail licence so like how do we use the sketchup for free since i want to try and make a custom track and my friend told me to come here

What trial license do you have?

free trial link

There is a desktop-application form of SketchUp available for no cost. The most recent version is named SketchUp Make 2017, and is listed on the downloads page along with other choices. The Make version is not licensed for commercial use, but it sounds as if your intent is for personal use.

HI…Thank you for replying to this thread…I’ve tried to download SketchUp Make 2017 but it tells me my license has expired…I did have 2017 Pro licensed version…does anyone know how to purge necessary files so that I can load the free Make files?
I’ve tried all the registry purges etc but I am still denied use of SU Make 2017
thank you

Was that a free trial of Pro, or did you buy a license?

I did buy license…was working full time but now retired…just working sporadically…

With that license you should be able to activate it on two computers. If the license were not removed from the old system from within SketchUp (or whatever happened to that install) then it will be locked into that and you should contact customer support on the SketchUp website who should be able to help out with that.

Anyway, if the license you have is for 2017 then you should be able to activate the version of SketchUp you have there with your license on the startup splash screen, provided you have a spare “seat” available. You then have access to Pro features again.

If on the other hand you wish to continue just using Make for non commercial purposes, then you should be able to continue to agree to the license agreement from the splash screen and go from there using Make.

I’m a bit fuddled why you would want to use Make if you have a license though.

My license expired. Nov 2018…

Your support expired, the pro license does not expire.

If you own it (not an employer), then you should still be able to use it.

It has definitely expired…I was eligible for educational license but am not now…I have tried dumping and reinstalling but computer will only allow installation of 2017Pro…not the “free” Make version…

I have done a lot of registry editing over the years, not always successful with removing licenses - you may have to do a search for SU related entries throughout the registry.

Part of success there is to also make sure you have removed files at the root of the drive; C>program files and possibly C>program data, etc.

I sometimes prefer a “fresh start” in WIN 10. Basic time cost about 6 hours, compared to messing about on forums, support and on your PC (requires a detailed checklist).

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thank you