Sketchup Make 2017 - License

Hi, I downloaded the sketchup make 2017 avaliable at In contact with the support, they informed that this version is really free for non-commercial use, however after installed, it informs that i have 30 days of use before the license expires. Supoort no longer offers help because it’s a free product. Does the same situation occur with someone? How did they proceed after period expired? Thanks!

SketchUp Make initially installs as Pro with a 30-day trial period. After that period expires it will revert to Make. And as you say, for hobby use it’s free to use.

Thaks Dave! I’ll use it only for hobby. I have no intention of commercial use with Sketchup

One thing to notice, on the day the Pro trial ends you will see a slightly confusing message that makes it seem like you have to buy SketchUp now. Look for an I Agree button, clicking that is you saying that you agree to only use SketchUp for personal use. After that you can run the program in the way you have been doing, and the few extra Pro features (including the use of LayOut) will be disabled.