Updating from Mojave to Catalina in Mac OS now sketchup Pro 2016 crashes after 5 minutes of use or less

Updating from Mojave to Catalina in Mac OS now sketchUp Pro 2016 crashes after 5 minutes of use or less.
Is there an update coming?
I can’t do any work at all
Help Please

For what it’s worth, I upgraded my Mac from High Sierra to Mojave a few months ago. I’m pretty sure that SketchUp Pro 2016 was working fine for a little while. But soon, SketchUp Pro 2016 would spontaneously crash within a minute or two of starting. Even with a brand new empty .SKP, even with all extensions disabled, even when not touching the keyboard or mouse at all after launching the program. Same for SketchUp Pro 2017 - spontaneous crashes white idle. I couldn’t figure out why, so sadly I gave up on 2016 and am now using 2018 with Mojave. (I don’t plan to try Catalina for at least a few months.)

You can be safe in assuming there’ll be no update for SketchUp 2016. As Jody has implied, SketchUp 2019 is going to be updated to work with Catalina. Probably at this stage it is best to roll back your OS and when SketchUp 2019 is updated for Catalina, upgrade SketchUp to the current version.

I’m sorry if it came across as merely an implication, I meant to assure that we WILL have an update that works for SketchUp 2019. (c:

Sadly, there will be no updates for SketchUp 2016. I recommend following what @TDahl is doing and wait a month or two before upgrading OS, ALWAYS… Apple doesn’t make any adjustments for software developers in their OS patches and I’ve never upgraded without it breaking some existing software on my system. If you’re using your system for work, definitely be slow to adopt OS updates and check to make sure your software will or won’t work on the new update before you commit.

Wrong word choice on my part. Sorry.

Same deal with Sketchup 2019, BTW.

As was previously mentioned, an update is in the works for SU2019.

If you have disc space enough (and your harddisc is ‘APFS’ formatted) it is relative easy to make a new volume on it and install the new OS there.

Use at own risc and make a backup, first:

Open disk utility, show volumes and click on the + sign ( add volume) name it (mine is called ‘Catalina’), set the min and max disc spaceand hit apply.

Then, download Catalina ( or Sierra for downward compatibility) and run the installer. Choose the created volume for installation.

Once installed (your mac wil restart several times) you have booted from the newly installed Volume.
If you wish to switch, go to System Preferences and you can choose the bootdisc with with you want to continue.

Or re/boot while holding down the option key to select the preferred (boot) volume.

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Thanks for keeping us up to date Jody.

A question for Jody / anyone else who has upgraded to Catalina:

From the issues Jody mentioned, it sounds like there are a few glitches, but nothing that rendering the current version of SU 2019 completely inoperative with Catalina. Has anyone found otherwise?

It’s good to know that an update to address the glitches is in the works.

I updated one of my machines to Catalina yesterday. I’ve been using Sketchup 2019 for hours and I didn’t have any issues. I am not encouraging to update against the suggestions posted in this thread. Just sharing my experience.

Thanks for that info. Although updating on the second day of the new release is clearly at our own risk, it’s a positive sign to hear that things aren’t completely broken.

Now the next question will be whether V-Ray Next is also working reasonably well on Catalina.

on a production system never upgrade to a new major operating system version before the first service release * imho *

Checking that all required applications do work w/ the new OS berfore upgrading appears to be obvious.