SketchUp 2016 Pro crashing after upgrade to Mac OS 10.15. Fixable?

Upgraded my Mac OS to 10.15.2 and now Sketchup Pro 2016 runs for a minute or two then crashes…every time. Am I doomed?

The SketchUp developers have never released patches to make old versions of SketchUp compatible with later OS releases, neither on Windows nor on Mac. So, alas, yes you are out of luck (or at least on your own trying to make it work).

Sheesh. I can see that approach for the free versions, but not for Pro.
I hate the headaches that usually come with upgrades (not to mention cost), but guess I will have to look into it.

When did you buy SketchUp?
You buy it with an one year maintenance included.
That would mean you (should) have received the license info for 2017

Do we know that 2017 will run ok on Catalina? The one time update may be too late!

Well, I have not tested fully, but I occasionally start it and have not encountered serious troubles…

I think I bought 2015 and upgraded to 2016. The price of the new one did set me back a bit. I will be living on a boat without internet access most of the time and need a stand alone version. I use it only for my own non-commercial projects and there’s a limit to what is worthwhile to pay. The free one only works with web access these days so I’m kind of stuck.

You can still get the desktop Make 2017 version that will work offline for non-commercial use. Look on the Trimble download site. As @MikeWayzovski and I discussed, it seems to at least somewhat work on Catalina, though there could be problems lurking that we just haven’t seen yet.