Sketchup 2016 &2018 crash randomly. Mac, 10.14.5 Mojave

Using SU 2016 or 2018 on a newly setup iMac running 10.14.5 Mojave. Getting random bug splats. Any know issues or incompatibility with SU & OS-X 10.14?

Which version of SU2018 do you have? If it’s not 18.1.1180, you should upgrade.

SU2016 is not officially supported on Mojave.

May also be an unsupported extension. Not fun if you have a lot of them but start by disabling anything you don’t use everyday and see if that helps at all.

Running 18.0.16976.
Where can I get the latest version of 2018? Not ready to go to 2019 yet?

Good advice. I do use a lot of plug-ins.

Thanks for the link.
As an aside, I know 2016 is not supported in Mojave, however I use 2016 almost exclusively. I prefer it over the more current versions even though I run 2018 on occasion.
Would like to keep using 2016. Is it supported in High Sierra? I might consider rolling back my os if that would be more friendly to SU 2016.

I was like you for a long time but found 2018 to be faster and more stable…which it should be but isn’t always the case is it? Curious - what about 2016 keeps you using that exclusively?

Honestly, I personally think 2016 has a bit of simpler interface esp when it comes to managing plug-ins.
(The extension tray that pops up after booting 2018 telling me I need to update an extension but when I try to & the manager tells me it can’t & I end up updating it manually in the end is beyond annoying.)
Other that that, I feel 2016 is just as fast as 2018 & honestly, more stable. (my current issue with Mojave excluded)

Good to know and we all hear ya re: update pop ups :wink:

Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

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