SketchUp 2017 not opening files

I’m helping someone who was previously using SU 2017 and then tried to upgrade to 2018 despite only having a licence for 2017.

When he noticed that he couldn’t use 2018 (due to licence restrictions), he uninstalled 2018.

Now on his main PC, he is unable to open any files from dropbox (on dropbox because he uses these files across 3 computers). Strangely his other two PC’s at home are working fine.

When he was trying to open a file (.skp extension) it was asking to open in 2018. I suspect that perhaps these files are now formatted to the 2018 version. Is this possible?

I’ve assisted him in running the 2017 sketchup installer and repairing and confirming that his machine had the correct specs to run SketchUp.

Any ideas?

  • unistall SU v2017
  • restart system
  • install SU v2017 (Win: “r-click > Run as Admin”)

Yes, if he was using SU 2018 for a while, and saved the files.

You or he could try uploading them to the 3D warehouse via a browser, then download them in 2017 format.

Or it there are only a few, I could do them if you send me by PM a Dropbox link for each file you need to convert back, and do a Save As… to v2017.

But I can’t do them until tomorrow, if you want me to at all - it’s 1am in UK and I’m off to bed in a few minutes.

Can he Right Click on the files and choose Open with Sketchup 2017?

Not if the files have got converted to 2018 format.

And he’s uninstalled 2018.

I don’t think that is what has happened. With what little info there is in the post it looks to me like the PC is still defaulting to SU2018 although it has been removed.
So the files may still open but they need to be told what to open with.

I’ve edited my post to make it a question.

The OP said this originally. That’s why I think the files may be 2018 ones.

But I admit on rereading that it could mean either that it’s a 2018 file, (as I’ve been thinking), or just that a double click is trying and failing to find the 2018 program.

And yet the same file work on his other PC., so they should still be 2017.

Yes, I see what you mean now. You could well be right…

Or perhaps different files? It still isn’t entirely clear what the issue is

Hi everybody, thanks for the help on this. I’m still trying to determine what is happening as well. He hasn’t been helpful when describing what’s happening so I apologize for the vagueness.

Turns out he raised a ticket with SU support while I was trying to work out what’s happening so now he’s being helped directly now.

Thanks for all of your help.


seems that the association with the SKP file extensions still points to the unistalled rev. 2018… which should not happen if the unistaller was used and would have done the job correctly (which might fail if limited user rights do prevent accessing the appropriate Windows registry branch).

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