Cannot Open SUp files

I have a licensed version of Pro 2017. I had downloaded 2018 trial and it expired. Recently I deleted 2018 version. Now I cannot open any past SU model files. My SU program opens fine, but no files will open. Layout works fine. I cannot get a response from tech support. Any ideas.

Are they files that you had opened in SU2018 and then saved? There’s an extension available in the Extension Warehouse written by Eneroth3 which will allow you to open SU2018 files in SU2017. Maybe give that a try.

Patience? Or upload to 3D Warehouse (make them private if you want), and let the renderbots convert them to other formats on the ones you need right now.

Dave & Barry,
Thank you both for your quick replies and suggestions. It turns out that patience was the answer for me. A few more shut downs and restarts and now I can open all old files again. The file icons have changed in appearance, but I am able to operate. Hopefully this case is closed.
Thanks again,

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