Opening older files with new version of Sketchup Pro 2024

I just purchased the latest version of Sketchup Pro 2024 to install on a new Surface Pro. The install instructions by Sketchup…including the SU video…required that all previous versions be “deauthorized”. Installed on both Surface Studio and Surface Pro. Now can’t open ANY older files…even those prepared the day before the new install.

Any help / advice would be welcome. Have to travel and get much work done next week!

You can’t open SU or you can’t open a file after SU has loaded?

If it’s SU, you may need to go into the online license management portal and de-authorize all instances of SU. Then when you start it up on your machine, you should be able to log on and all should be good from there.

  1. Close SU

  2. Go to Trimble Identity

  3. Login with your credentials

  4. Go to My Products

  5. Under Sketchup Pro, Click “Manage Devices”

  6. Click on “Deauthorize All”

  7. Restart SU

  8. Login and hopefully all should be good.

Went through all that to enable the newest version of SU on my two devices…successfully…yesterday.
Problem is that I now can’t open OLDER SU files produced under earlier versions. I do all of my work…3D and 2D plans…on SU…starting about three versions ago. Need to access and can’t, so far. Nor with Layout…

Strange… I was under the impression that the latest version of SU could open any older file.

Also in the past, you could back save to older versions. SU’24 got rid of that option but the skp format is supposed to be backwards compatible to SU’21 I believe.

What version were your SU files you can no longer open made in?

SketchUp 2024 can open older files. Here it’s opening a V3 file.

And another one from Version 8.

Something must be wrong with your setup.

2017…2020…and 2023. I expected the same functionality you described. In the past…it has always been…when you opened an older file “you are accessing a file produced with an older version, which will updated. You will not be able to change back”. Not so much this time…

In 2021, Trimble developed a new extensible skp file format. It allows versions since 2021 to open files generated by later versions, possibly with loss of features that didn’t exist in the older version. In SketchUp 2024, because of this variety of backward compatibility, Trimble decided to remove the ability to specify an older version for save as to generate (this decision has been met with considerable blowback!). That means that SU 2024 will not write, for example, a 2020 version file or a 2017 version file. In the near term, there are extensions that work around this using the fact that the required infrastructure has not yet been removed from the Ruby API. But word is that it could be removed sometime in the near future.