Can I still open old Sketchup files in any newer version of SU?

I have not used SketchUp for a while but I am presently thinking of finishing off a test project in a trial version of SketchUp 14 which is no longer supported by Trimble. I wanted to move up to newer versions as my support fee has been paid but I discovered that my Old Mac Pro cannot be updated to the required operating system. Now I have to purchase a newer Mac Pro just in order to run SketchUp again which really sucks. (The longer I am on this technology “merry-go-round” the more I despise it.)
Anyway I would like to know if the .skp files saved in this 14 version can still be opened with say a 15 or 16 version which are still supported ? There is no point in me continuing with this test project if they can’t.

Yes. You can open older SketchUp files in newer versions of SketchUp with no trouble.

had cases were load/save operations get pretty slow (x10-20), a “Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge…” or copy&paste to a new document helped.