Can't open older skp files

I am using SU Pro 2019 and can not open any skp files from last year or older , I receive error message " Does not appear to be a Sketchup model"

Normally SketchUp can open older .skp files with no problem unless they were somehow corrupted. The most common cases of corrupted .skp files has been when they are saved to a cloud location. Where have you been saving these old files? In what version of SketchUp were they created?

If I move them back to my desktop will that solve the issue? I will try tomorrow

Maybe but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Certainly worth a try although from past experience, most often they seem to be unrecoverable.

Note this has nothing to do with SketchUp 2019 specifically. If you’ve been working on models saved directly into the cloud, you are likely going to have problems. The files seem to get corrupted if a sync happens during save or auto-save. Did you save any local copies of the files. That is, do you have copies that are resident on the internal drive in your computer?

Good luck with it. I hope it works for you.

I will try it. This this the 2nd major issue I have had with SU, the 1st being it slowed my mac to a crawl last year with an issue they know about. As a SU user for many years it seems to be headed in the wrong direction since Trimble took over.
Some of the other files I can open are also saved it icloud, so that might not be the issue

I wasn’t implying that all files get corrupted when saved to the cloud. Only that it is common reason for them to be corrupted.

As a SketchUp user since 2003 (version 3), I couldn’t agree less with that statement. There is certainly no way I would want to go back to SketchUp in the Google days. It has improved a lot since then.