Model compatibility

Hi, I’m currently using Sketchup 8.0.16845 on a Mac running OS Sierra.
If I upgrade to Sketchup Make will I be able to access/modify models created in the older version?

YEs. Newer versions of SketchUp can open SKP files from older versions. If you save the file as the newer version, you won’t be able to open it in SU8 but you can back save to SU8 from the newer version.


You can install separate versions of SketchUp side-by-side on the same machine. They install into their own versioned folders, and have their own extensions.

But newer versions of SketchUp use a newer version of Ruby (2.x) and you’ll need to install newer versions of plugins and extensions.

I use Sketchup rarely to create models of theatre sets. I created a base model in Jan 2015 which doesn’t open in the latest version. Suggestions?

What happens when you try to open it in SketchUp 2019?

Any older version files should open in newer versions. Do you still have 2015 to confirm that it still opens there?

You could post the file here, and we can try it in a lot of different versions.

Unfortunately no I don’t

Thanks Colin

Here it is

1812 Stage Base.skp (3.5 MB)

It opens for me in 17,18 and 19.

Please don’t post binary data for an entire file like this.

Are you saying that when you double-click the SKP file, that it opens in a text editor instead ?

On MS Windows …

If so find the installation exe file, right-click it, choose “Run as administrator”, and then choose “Repair” option.

You look to be on a Mac OSX, I’m not a Apple person so I don’t know how to fix file associations.
One of the Mac guys will need to chime in.

There is a Get Info window that is much like Properties in Windows. You can set that one file to open in a particular application, or you can set all documents with that extension to open in a particular application.

I did a save as to version 8. See if this file works.

1812 Stage Base.skp (3.5 MB)

Thanks you Colin. That all worked fine if a bit slow but I think that is a problem with my PC

I have the 2020 and now the 2021 versions and would like to convert my 2020 models to the newest version. I’d like to simplify and just use one version. Is there a way to do that? I’m trying to do the “save as” thing on the 2020 models but I don’t have the option to save it in the 2021 version. Thank you so much!

There’s no need to do anything special. Just go ahead and open your files in SketchUp 2021. It will open them with no problem.

While you’re here maybe you could update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SU2019.

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Thank you. I actually did open it up in version 21 and it says the file is locked and is “Read Only.” How to I avoid this?

That message generally indicates that you already have the file open in another session of SketchUp.

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Thank you!!!

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You’re welcome. Was that the situation?