Uninstalled 2018, but default for opening files remains SU 2018

I am running SU 2017 Pro on windows 7, and recently downloaded SU 2018 to look at the benefits for upgrading, but my 3D mouse wasn’t working, so I uninstalled 2018. The problem I have now is that my files still want to open in 2018. I have tried to change the default opening program in the file properties, and I have also run system restore.

Run the installation wizard for SketchUp 2017 and choose “Repair”

Hi Guillo.
Sorry for getting back so late.
The repair option was somewhat helpful, but the files remain invisible to SU 2017. I can import my components , but used to be able to open then folders, and then just drag and drop items from the folders directly into my model.
Thanks for your response.

SKP documents created with SU v2018 cannot be opened in older versions, do a “Save as…” to the required version from inside SU v2018 if required.

For repairing the file associations you can also do a full-install over the existing SU v2017 program installation again.

Does the same thing happen if 2018 was only downloaded and not activated?

Hi. I ran SU 2018 without activating because I wanted to see the what improvements were made to the Report Generating.I didn’t save any files or alter any of my existing files. When I open the folders in my documents it now shows that the folder is empty. I will just continue the way it is now, because I can still access the files through my projects, and I really don’t want to loose any of my work.

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