Upgrade pop ups 2018


I downloaded 2018 as the pop up keeps asking me to do
found that it is only a thirty day trial
un installed and tried to go back to 2017 now none of my drawings will function
Please help



How are you trying to open the files? Double clicking on them?, or by using the menu system >File >Open…?

The two versions of SU can be installed side by side… so both should still be able to work independent from one another.

Did you uninstall 2018, or is still on your machine?

Version 2017 won’t be able to read the newer 2018 files… you’d have to specifically export a file to version 2017 from within 2018 if you intended to do that.

The other thing I’m wondering about here… is file association.

Sometimes a newly installed program will trick the OS into believing that it’s the only program which can be
used to open a particular file. It essentially sets itself up as the ‘default program’ for opening that specific file,… which of course in this case is the .skp files that all versions of SU generate.


Try Starting up version 2017 and then using the… >FIle >Open… command to open an older .skp file you have saved someplace.

This should give a different set of results, than the alternative of double clicking on a file.

the double clicking methods places trust on the OS that it knows which program to use for opening up a file… if the file association is bad it won’t open. but this is also an easy problem to fix… I’m just not sure if it’s the problem you have.

Can you report back on how you’re trying to open up the files?


I have gone back to the upgrade in frustration
I have inserted my licence registration number in the appropriate place
BUT I still see an annoyingly “30 days left in trial” on the start screen
will this dissapear?

Files open no problem with 2018 of course


I think your “File association” note is bang on


okay, good…

… and you know that you can fix this by right clicking on the file and then using the ‘Open With’ option for manually choosing the 2017 version you’d like to keep using.


Is the 2018 a trial only?


A full featured trial… you can save and print and have access to everything.

if you buy it, you’ll just be getting the set of activation codes and license key info in order to switch it into a permanent version as it were.


A licence for SU 2017 Pro isn’t valid for v2018.

Depending on when and how you purchased it, you may be able to upgrade at low or no cost - contact your reseller or Trimble.


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