Cannot load .skp file since installing new software


I have recently installed version 8 of Google Sketch Up and am now unable to open a project I’ve been working on for years… It is telling me that I created the file in a newer version of the software (13) and need to go online to get the latest version. This is very upsetting as it’s I’m project managing the restoration of our house and the project has been a work in progress over the last few years, and it’s something I wont be able to recreate easily or at all…

Please tell me this is fixable!

(the wording on the pop up are:

The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp.
You have version 8.0.16846.
You need version 13.0.4124.
Please visit to get the latest version.


I’m confused as to why you would install version 8 when you apparently already had the newer version 13 installed?

The most recent release is version 14. Why not install that one?


I installed the 8. etc one when prompted, I didn’t have 13. etc… I don’t really know what was going on, I didn’t have the 13. etc one ever installed so how it would’ve been created in that version I have no idea :frowning:
I have just managed to finish downloading 14 and it seems to work now, just had a major panic, sorry for the weird post! Hopefully all is working now…


[quote=“jennifer_tippin, post:1, topic:1689, full:true”]I’m project managing the restoration of our house…
Are you the only one who opens this model? If not, someone else may have saved it and used version 13 to edit the file.