Fresh SketchUp Viewer install cannot open .skp created in newer version

Hello all! I just installed SketchUp Viewer to open an skp file sent by a client but whenever I open it, I get the error “The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp.” If I need to update the viewer already, I can’t figure out how to. I’ve also never used or downloaded any SketchUp app before so I don’t think it has anything to do with conflicting versions like I’ve seen posted in other topics. One key difference though is the versions mentioned in the error. They are all randomly selected symbols except for a Θ at the end. I can only attach one photo as a new poster but the symbols change every time I try and open the file. What can I do? How can I open this skp to take a look?
Screenshot 2024-04-17 095538

Another screenshot of the “version” numbers

Screenshot 2024-04-17 095240

There is no newer desktop viewer. Use the web viewer included with your subscription and Trimble Connect.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your forum profile says “Free Plan” which would be the browser based hobby version. And the version number isn’t readable at least for me.

I don’t have any subscription for Trimble/SketchUp. The closest thing would be the account I made to post this question. As for version number, you can see from the screenshots that I have no idea either. The one in my profile are some symbols that showed up in one of the pop-ups windows

So you aren’t actually using SketchUp at all?

Where are you located on the planet? What is the language setting for your computer?

Right, the only thing I have installed is the SketchUp Viewer Desktop App with the only reason being the .skp emailed to me by a client.

I am in the USA and my computer’s language is set to only English.

Apologies, I don’t know how to quote parts of your reply

Since the client is using a newer version of SketchUp, ask them to upload it to their Trimble Connect storage and share the link to it so you can look at it in the online viewer. Then you can remove the desktop viewer from your computer.

As for the strange characters we are seeing with your screenshots and your forum profile, maybe @colin would have an idea. Do other applications show characters like that instead of than numbers on your computer?

Thank you, I will ask them about it!

No other application has done that as far as I know. I wish I knew what information was relevant to give but this is an issue I’ve never come across before. My best guess is SketchUp uses a font that I don’t have and isn’t a Windows default.

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I can’t get a sensible translation for the version numbers you’re given. But, the latest viewer should be able to open any version of SketchUp. Make sure you are using the latest one, which you can get from here:

I would try the online free version to open your file. I used to have clients use the viewer to collaborate but now I steer them to the online version It is pretty good if you have decent internet. And I am excited to just send a link from sketchup so they get a read only link and my model isnt out there. Im sure this has been around a while I just recently found out about it.

That worked! Thank you very much!

I never thought to check for the version number in the apps & programs section of Windows settings but what I had was Version 18.0.16975. Below is the download link I got from SketchUp’s website. How odd that it installs an old version

The link being wrong is a known issue. Don’t know when they will fix the link.