File failed to open on SketchUp 2021

I am working on a file without any problems. Only for me to close it and open it, and it won’t open now, even after attempting to rename the .skb to .skp. I’ve checked for previous versions to restore, but none exist. Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated. You can find the file in the 2021 version through this link.

I get a permission denied message when I try to download your file.

Your profile says you are using Free Plan 2021. I presume that means you are using a cracked version. Is that right?

It was restricted, but that have been rectified, kindly try again. Yes.

Yes you are using a cracked version of SketchUp?

Yes, I’m using a free version because I didn’t pay for it, it was installed in school by a classmate.

There is no free version of SketchUp 2021 and you are using a cracked version installed by your classmate. Using cracked software is piracy and it’s illegal. You’ve come to the wrong place for help.

Of course I’m aware it’s piracy to install cracked software, and I don’t indulge in such. I thought it was free, at least that was what he said. I’ll correct that by getting the genuine version.

It opened without error messages in v.2023.
It is a record of one sort. A single small room with more than 8.5 million entities.

Good. is the link for getting a subscription.

I’d be inclined to question your friend/'s integrity. Would the drag you into stealing a car or robbing a bank?

I’m still waiting for your model to open. It’s quite bloated.

That’s a lot, can you please purge unused elements if that would help reduce the entities and save on version 2020.

Since you’re using a cracked version I don’t see any reason why you should expect anyone to fix your file for you.

Thanks for the link. Lol! No he cant

I understand, an error I’m going to correct. I just clicked the link you pasted and I’m on the site trying out the trial for 7 days and payment plan. Like I said earlier, I don’t indulge in such act. It was a naive mistake on my part

At this point you might as well skip the 7-day trial and just buy the subscription.

I wish I had the funds to do that immediately.