Sketch Up Viewer do you need to update? when updating to 2015 Pro


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Hey All not sure if I am in the right place but here goes. I just installed 2015 Pro a week ago and now when I go to download a model from the warehouse. If I select not to load it directly into my sketch up model, being I want to use the Sketch Up Viewer. I need to open or save it and when I select to just open it, I get a dialog box containing this:

YOU NEED VERSION~ et/et/etIntProperties.xmla.
PLEASE VISIT for the latest version.

I did not see anything about a new Viewer anywhere on the site. Anyone know what that means or can explain. I don’t want to load them into my model and is there and update available for the viewer I don’t know about?? Is the viewer obsolete with 2015 models and do you now have to load them directly into it. Or do you need to save the file to your drive( I DON’T WANT TO ) and then import it into a clean canvas??? WEIRD… I have the viewer set as my default and this never happened with my 2013 Pro edu. license as I could view my models or anyone else by clicking open. It would show in the Viewer with no issue’s. Any Ideas??? I posted this in Sketch Up mobile Viewer topic also and they dont allow photos or file attachments here is screen shot of dialog box:

I get this to chose from and when I hit open is when I get the dialog box,



With 2013 Pro I would select open and the model would open by default in my viewer no issues`s or saving the file. All insight please reply!!


I’m not really sure why you wnt them to open in the viewer when you have a full version of SU. The viewer is pretty much for people who don’t want to install Sketchup.
It must be annoying if everything opens in Viewer then if you want to edit it you have to open sketchup and import it. I don’t get the logic.
Plus to open it in the viewer it has to download to your Hard Drive, but to a temp folder, which may or may not be removed at some stage, rather than being saved to a location of your choice which you can go back to many times or delete at will.

Having said that, Have you tried reinstalling the viewer from the download page, it;s most likely to have been updated since the arrival of 2015.


No I have not and will try that thanks, I was looking for a update specific to the viewer as per the Viewer issued dialog box. I use the viewer more so for my laptop, having the 3DWarehouse on the quick access bar below address bar with Firefox. I just click it and can show models I need with it, to and free up the memory the full version of SU needs. I do all my work on my desktop and use the warehouse as a external file almost like drop box but can also use others work for comparisons. So I don`t have Sketch Up on my laptop only the viewer and now may have to install it on there. Can only guest that 2015 now being 64-bit, the viewer only supports 2014 and older editions of SU??? …Peace…


Thanks Box that did the trick, re-installed and had to re-start but the two files I saved that I drew with 2015 and are in the warehouse. I can now open in the viewer. My laptop is slow in comparison so the less on it the better, and to have the full version on it just takes up space on disc. But files from both 2015 and 2013 I drew are all being shown…Peace…


Ok, that makes perfect sense having it on a your laptop.
I guess you just need to be aware that when SU versions get updated so does the viewer to be able to read them. So if SU updates, manually update the viewer too.


That link leads to downloading the 32bit Viewer MSI installer.
The Desktop Viewer now comes in both 32bit and 64bit editions.
The Win 64bit edition: SketchUpViewer-en-x64.msi


And this link lets you choose which one you want.
All downloads

Cannot veiw models from 3D Warehouse?

Thanks to you both and re-installing the viewer did the trick. If you seen what it was saying (the dialog box) the way it was worded threw me a bit. I do remember when I went from Sketch Up 8 to 2013 Pro that I could no longer load a skp. file from SU 2013 into SU 8, it would tell it was created with a newer version and would not able to load it. I am back up and running thanks for the time!!