Cannot veiw models from 3D Warehouse?

Hey All not sure if I am in the right place but here goes. I just installed 2015 Pro a week ago and now when I go to download a model from the warehouse. If I select not to load it directly into my sketch up model, being I want to use the Sketch Up Viewer. I need to open or save it and when I select to just open it, I get a dialog box containing this:

YOU NEED VERSION~ et/et/etIntProperties.xmla.
PLEASE VISIT for the latest version.

I did not see anything about a new Viewer anywhere on the site. Anyone know what that means or can explain. I don’t want to load them into my model and is there and update available for the viewer I dont know about?? Is the viewer obsolete with 2015 models and do you now have to load them directly into it. Or do you need to save the file to your drive( I DON'T WANT TO ) and then import it into a clean canvas??? WEIRD... I have the viewer set as my default and this never happened with my 2013 Pro edu. license as I could view my models or anyone elses by clicking open. It would show in the Viewer with no issuess. Any Ideas???

Hello @mrwmrutski,

Can you send me the link of the model you want to download on 3D warehouse so I can try on my end? Are you sure that you have the most updated Sketch Up Viewer version? If not, or if you are not sure, you can download it by clicking here.

Many thanks,

He resolved his issue in another thread by updating the viewer as you have suggested.Here

Thanks for your time and I have the issue resolved. I was forwarded the link to the new viewer and have it installed and doing fine. I was confused when the dialog box was saying the file was made in a newer version of SU (true) and I was using version 2014. Meaning the viewer was older not the application. Burning the candle at both ends lately and easily confused!! Thanks for your time and efforts…Peace…