Trying to open a SketchUp 2015 model in SketchUp 2014


SketchUp Pro 2015 Trial User, Expired ,I just download and install it. 64…help

How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?

Well now I can not open any of saved files

I can not use SketchUp Make Also, Just default


@willettfx, the message in the screenshot indicates that you are trying to open a SketchUp 2015 model in SketchUp 2014. You’ll need SketchUp 2015 for that.

And the “Trial User, Expired” message indicates that you have SketchUp 2015 Pro installed (not Make) and the 30-day trial period has expired.


Having few hours left on the 2014 pro ask to update to 2015 pro I did so and it zero out my trial. So is there any way to get the trial pro back to save my files? Please


I’m not sure I understand the issue but If you install SketchUp Make 2015, you should be able to open the model and save it back to 2014 format.


As described by @bugra, there is no difference in the SketchUp file saved with PRO and Make (you can open files created with PRO with the Make version (same version number or newer)).


See the below screen shot when I go to - File - Save as… (on a mac)



Did you install Su2015 pro or make version. Make is the one that reverts to free after trial period. You can also post your model here and have someone save it as 2014 version so you can open it then??
You could use the add/ remove programs in windows explorer and remove 2015 and try and reload 2015 make although it may not allow it because info is now in the registery??