Copying Model from Pro to Make

Does anyone know how I copy a model I have drawn in Pro to Make? It’s a .skp file


You can just save the file in pro and open it in make.

As long as the file is saved as the same year you will be able to open it in either program.

You can also just select what you want to copy and “Ctrl + C” in Pro and “Ctrl + V” in make.

There is no difference at all between model files created in Pro vs ones created in Make. The differences between Make and Pro are in things you may use while creating (e.g. Solid Tools, create new Dynamic Components), exporting or importing, and documenting (i.e. LayOut), not in the model content or skp file itself.

But you cannot paste from a newer version of SketchUp into an older version.

However, the opposite will work.

thank you! so if I created it in Pro 2016 i should be able to copy into Make 2016 and if I did it in Pro 2017 I just need to download Make 2017 and copying it should work?

Not the way you describe, because only one edition (Pro or Make) of any one version, can be installed on a single machine.

But different versions can be installed side by side on the same machine.

Take note of what Steve said:

You can also back save models to older version using File > Save As…

Ah, so there is no way that on one Mac I can move my Model from Pro into Make before my Pro license expires? Or if I save the model onto my computer, delete Pro 2017, install Make 2017 i should be able to open the saved model?

Look, if the file has the extension SKP it can be opened in Pro or Make of the same version used to create it or by a higher version. You can back save as an older version using File>Save as… It doesn’t matter whether it was created in Pro or Make.

If you want to uninstall SU2017 pro and install SU2017 Make, you’ll still be able to open the SKP files you’ve already made.

Why are you uninstalling Pro to install Make?

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Ok thank you Dave and sorry for being so inept at this! I am uninstalling because my license is expiring and I cannot afford to renew!

If you own a license for the version you have installed, it will continue to work.

For what version do you have a pro license?

i have a Pro 2017 license currently

If you already have a pro 2017 license, it won’t expire. Just keep using it.

Student licenses do expire…


It wasn’t made clear that it’s a student license.

Its a temporary licence and is expiring!