Sketchup Make to SketchUp Pro Conversion?

I am completing a summer internship at a firm next week, however the duration of my intern project exceeded my stay and I would like to finish up the project myself for my portfolio. The other intern made made a Sketchup Model in an old version of Pro (2008, I believe).

Is there any way to convert the model or save it down from pro to make? I guess I could download a trial of pro but I’d like to use some extensions/plugins to render the model.

Also, if I do have to work from a trial of pro, can I install a plugin (i.e., Visualizer and Kerkythea) in both pro and make? I’m about to study abroad and I need to ensure sketchup will still work with the extensions on my personal computer.


You should be able to open the SKP file with any version of SketchUp, Pro or Make equal to or newer than the version in which it was saved. No conversion is needed.

You do need Pro for commercial work. See the EULA for details.

As for installing extensions, you can do that with Make. You can’t run both Sketchup Pro and SketchUp Make on the same computer, however.